Slanket - Ruby Wine

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Curling up at the end of the day with a glass of red wine is a great way…

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Slanket – Ruby Wine

Staying warm on a filming job can be tricky, even in a green room which is supposed to be heated. And on long days there is nothing worse than being cold and tired. So why not help yourself and throw a Ruby Wine Slanket into the mix? With its unique design, our Ruby Wine Slanket allows you to hold your tea or coffee without getting tangled in a blanket that could restrict your drinking capability.

The Slanket takes an everyday conundrum – staying warm on a camping chair when you haven’t got (a) a boyfriend, (b) a girlfriend, or (c) a winter fuel allowance – and responds to the challenge with typically American aplomb… namely taking a couple of existing ideas and chucking them together.

Think of the Slanket as a genetic cross-breed between a fleece and a blanket and you’re there. Pop it on, grab your magazine, open a massive bag of Maltesers and you’re there!

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