Indie Focus on … Kindred Spirits.

BOAK Films UK is proud to announce that it is officially in pre production for the companies debut feature, Kindred Spirits.

Mary the medium has a reputation of being frighteningly accurate. But, she is also completely oblivious to the humiliating impact her, well, let’s just say uncensored messages have on her local audience.


When Mary tunes into the spirits and gets her messages across, the result is either hilarious or downright shocking.

But see, Mary is just doing what she does best in the only environment she knows, in between long slugs of her hip flask. Now, throw these medium-session organizers Sam and Iona into this mix, and what we get is that oh-so-famous small town story.

The film boasts cast members such as Jeanette Rourke, who played the lead role of Annie in the the BAFTA award winning short, ‘Do Not Erase,’ and Laurence Harvey, perhaps best known as the star in The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence).

The project will be the feature directorial-debut of actor Bill Hutchens, founder of BOAK Films UK, whose feature film credits include Run Away With Me, A Summer in Avignon, Through The Lens, The Human Centipede II and III, and Saint Dracula 3D. Bill also played the lead in an award winning production of ‘The Old Man and the Sea’.

The producers of Kindred Spirits are currently fundraising through their Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed, read, and supported here. Any helping hand, particularly during this season of spending, is greatly and forever appreciated.

It is BOAK Films UK’s mission to create a body of work that engages audiences emotionally and cinematically, whilst fostering individual creative and artistic freedom. Our focus is on telling a good story.

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