How Extrafriends works

To start benefitting from the UK’s Number One lifestyle website for film & television artists, first you need to register. You can do that by clicking this link right here.
TV & Film Artists
If you are a budding, new or experienced Supporting Artist, Double or Stand-In and are looking to keep upto date with what’s going on in the industry, find more work and get access to extra resources then you are ‘Talent’. After you create your profile, you need to populate it with all the information you think could be useful applying for work.
Completing your profile will also make it easier for other Extrafriends members who might know you, to find you. This might be by a shared skillset or production you’ve worked on together like Holby City (you poor soul). But seriously, the more information the merrier.
With an active Extrafriends profile you are able to get much more involved in the other area’s of the site than a normal visitor. So, you can edit the Wiki, show your knowledge in the Question & Answer section, create a Group to share common interests and comment on any topic in the forum which you see fit. You are also, ofcourse, able to apply for any position in the Jobs Board.
If you have any queries on anything as a user, please use the contact form or support forums to get in touch.
Entertainment related companies
As an advertiser on Extrafriends if you want to be able to post jobs, you have to register too – you can do that here.

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