Falling Skies UK

For those who may not know, Falling Skies is an American TV show shown on TNT about an Alien invasion that has left most of the world incapacitated. The show is set 6 months in to the attack and has an unbelievable feel to it as soon as it starts … [Read more...]

Sundance London 2013: An Intro

Taking place between 25-28 April 2013, the second Sundance London comprises four days of live music, the UK premieres of independent films fresh from the Sundance Film Festival, plus panel discussions, filmmaker Q&As and special events. … [Read more...]

Reviewed by You: Trance (2013)

Trance is a Danny Boyle heist flick. It tells the story of a snatch and grab raid on an auction house whilst they are selling off a fantastically expensive Francisco Goya, Witches in the Air. I was a small part of the filmmaking process - a very … [Read more...]

Anne talks film: Oblivion

When you glance over the ingredients of this film; Tom Cruise - check, Sci-fi setting - check, Millions spent on Special Effects - check; you could easily be guilty of typecasting it as another Tom-Cruise-Saves-the-World popcorn flick. You'd pigeon … [Read more...]

Film Artist Association AGM Roundup

There is a scene in The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader where the Telmarine Lords are sat at Aslan's table, covered in the cobwebs which have grown around them.   They are there, because when faced with a seemingly … [Read more...]

The sadness of Les Miserables

Never has a film torn me in two like this before I've even seen it. You see, as I sit here I cannot decide whether or not I will goto the cinema to watch Les Miserables or pointedly refuse, due to the approach its production company took refusing to … [Read more...]

You want to be an Extra

You love early starts, you have no problem continuously eating off plastic plates and can easily fill lots of time doing absolutely nothing. Congratulations, being a film or television extra could just be the job for you!   But seriously, you … [Read more...]

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